collaBOFIT Sensation

We would like to introduce our monthly CollaboFit Sensation.

Luz Sustaita !
We asked her a couple of questions to get a better understanding on how she became such a badass.

 What other hobbies do you have besides coming to CollaboFit (the best gym in the WORLD!)

  • Well it's not a hobby just yet, but hopefully I will find the time soon to take up Archery! (That's awesome! you should speak to your workout buddy Joshua Toledo, he's a pro, maybe.) I've been interested in trying it for years and recently got the chance to shoot indoors. It's definitely not as easy as it looks, but I enjoyed the challenge :)

 What got you into Functional Fitness? (Health reasons, enjoy the pain?) Main reasons for starting at CollaboFit?

  • I'm getting older (ages just a number) and 2. I just wasn't happy with how I felt or looked :( .So I decide after years of never doing a workout in my life that I was finally going to make a change for myself. Luckily I knew Carlos (we heard he's a pretty cool dude) and asked him to give me the run down on what CollaboFit was about. I decided why not give it a try and right away he had me come in to start the fundamentals classes and I'm happy I did. Functional Fitness training has for sure changed me physically and mentally, it's a different challenge every day and that's just what I needed in my life. Now it's been almost 7 months and I thank God that I've been able to stay strong and continue to be given the chance to learn and grow (even though there's times when it does get ruff).

 What do you enjoy about CollaboFit?

  • The challenge that it gives me everyday to do more. Going in and knowing that this is something I actually enjoy doing and that it's helping me in more ways then one. And last but not least..the coaches! I want to say THANK YOU all for inspiring me :) . Each and every single one of you has taught me something different and have pushed me and everyone to do their best and nothing less. If it wasn't for you guys keeping me motivated and strong, I would of given up months ago. I truly appreciate all your time and dedication that you've given to us in order to make us better.. you guys really are life changers and for that reason is why I continue to better myself. Thank you. (We're all crying as we read this, you're welcome)

 What is one thing you would tell someone who hasn’t tried Functional Training before?

  • Its a different workout every day and your never doing the same thing so at least for me it doesn't feel like a routine. I like the feeling of coming in nervous about the WOD and actually going through it and knowing that at the end of it I was able to complete it.. well sometimes (haha). But definitely it's something that everyone should try at least once, it's a life changer and it has certainly changed mine for the better.
Rina Bautista!
We asked her a couple of questions to get a better understanding on how she became such a badass.

1. Tell us some interesting facts about yourself:

  •  I grew up in Burbank, CA and consider myself a Valley girl at heart (like totally!), my 3 kids were all born via C-section and named after musicians or bands (Isley, Journey, and Amel), I went to UC Irvine, I've ran 2 marathons and a couple of 1/2 marathons, I have a sweet tooth and my favorite snack is currently Chocolate Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.

2. What other hobbies do you have besides coming to CollaboFit (the best gym in the WORLD!)?

  •  When I can squeeze in time to do other things besides working out, I like to do yoga and any other workouts that require you to sweat in a really hot room (like hot pilates), run, hike, eat and drink at new places with my family, embroidery, dig around thrift stores.

 3. What got you into Functional Fitness Training? (Health reasons, enjoy the pain?)

  •  I've always wanted to lift weights and be strong. After doing years of zumba, kickboxing, yoga, running, then strength training with a personal trainer, it was time to focus my time, energy, and money on a gym that would challenge and teach me a new avenue of fitness that I wasn't familiar with.

4. What do you enjoy about CollaboFit?

  •  The sounds! From dropping weights to cheering to yelling to laughing and chatting with my fellow gym friends to the loud music to the sound of my own grunting, our gym is just a fun place to be!
  •  On a serious note, joining CollaboFit made me stick to my health goals. I spend money to go to my gym, so I go frequently (at least 4-5 times a week). There are wonderful and like-minded people at my gym, who encourage me and help make working out a little more enjoyable. There are professional and knowledgeable coaches who teach and push me everyday. And most importantly, CollaboFit is a place where I can bring my kids to. I don't have the luxury of dropping my kids off at a daycare while I workout, so if I want to work out regularly, I need a place to take them.

5. What is one thing you would tell someone who hasn’t tried Functional Fitness Training before?

  •  While Functional Fitness Training t sometimes seems bizarre (why would anyone want to do 100 pull ups, 200 push ups and 300 squats in one workout?) there's a method to the madness and the coaches guide you through it.
  •  I've been doing Functional Fitness Training for almost 2 years and I remember how lost and frustrated I felt when I first started. I still get those feelings sometimes, but I'm glad I stuck to it because now, I feel the most confident and strong than I have ever felt.
  •  So if you've never tried Functional Fitness Training, try it! Not just once though. Commit to a month of free Saturday classes or better yet, sign up for at least 3 months...whatever will get you committed to a well-worth attempt of Functional Fitness Training.


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